East Sydney Auto Services

handful of Service Centre's in Sydney capable of carrying out Dealer Level Diagnostics for your Vehicle but without the dealer level prices


    The importance of diagnostic capability

    Today’s vehicles are highly complex pieces of machinery and all have at least one “On Board Computer”, with some of the more expensive vehicles having multiple systems on board. When your vehicle develops a fault, the On Board Computer recognises that something is wrong and register’s a fault. We will identify and rectify this fault in a timely and cost effective manner We have invested heavily in the latest Diagnostic tools to enable us to carry out diagnostic discovery and repair of all engine and computer faults on all the the latest vehicles.

    The difference between a dealership and us

    At Hitech Auto Electrical we offer the same if not better, service as you would get from a Dealer. We use the same tools and procedures to diagnose and repair your vehicle. The advantages for you is that you no longer have to wait for Dealer availability and more importantly, will not have to pay the Huge Dealer prices. If your vehicle suffers from any of the following, you need to speak to us first:

    • Poor starting
    • Poor idling or stalling
    • Hesitation or misfire
    • Dashboard warning lights
    • Low on power
    • Poor fuel economy
    • Emissions failure
    • Any other issues

    The Diagnostic check takes about one hour and involves “plugging” your vehicle into our system. A full scan is taken of the “On-Board” computer/s and any faults found are logged into our system, we can then read the fault codes and determine, precisely, what is wrong with your car. The result is that your vehicle spends less time off the road and gives you confidence that your vehicle has been repaired efficiently in a timely and cost effective manner.

    Dealer Level Service used by Hundreds of Local Businesses & Residents in East Sydney

    The Reasons why so many East Sydney residents & businesses use Hitech Auto service

    • Engine Systems
    • Air Bag Systems
    • Anti-Lock Braking Systems
    • Transmission Systems
    • Air-Conditioning / Climate Control Systems
    • Radio / Navigation / TV / Telephone Systems
    • Parking Sensor Systems
    • Xenon / Adaptive Headlight Systems
    • Convertible Hood Systems
    • Electrical Repairs
    • Wiring Repairs
    • Installation, Programming Of Audi accessories
    • Coding & Programming Of On-Board Computers
    • Engine & Immobiliser Alignment
    • Immobiliser ECU Replacement
    • Alarm / Immobiliser / Key Systems
    • Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
    • And All Other Systems